Month: May 2008

  • Mizuno, Asics And Descente Respond To Japanese Deadline

    The Japanese Swimming Federation gave the three Japanese sportswear companies until May 30 to come up with an outfit comparable to the LZR Racer, which they then have unveiled by now. Asics and Descente have used a new “world’s fastest swimwear material” called Biorubber Swim-SCS Fabric and polyurethane, while Mizuno say they have a new…

  • Doping Charged Bree Gets Off With A Warning

    Irish Andrew Bree admitted the use of an over-the-counter Vicks Nasal Inhaler, which in the US contains the banned substance of Levmethamfetamine. The doping panel was convinced that the use of the drug was not intended to enhance performance and that Bree had gone to “all possible lengths to check that the medial product that…

  • How Australians Use CFD To Better Swimming

    Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) and the University of Western Australia can determine whether a change is beneficial without actually changing a swimmer’s technique, by inputting the 3D kinematics (body movements) of the swimmer, and then calculate the way the water moves around this 3D animation using ‘computational fluid dynamics’. This takes the ‘trial…

  • Drymonakos Tests Positive For Steroids

    European 200-meter butterfly champion Ioannis Drymonakos from Greece tested positive for Methyltrienolone on March 6, and is therefore “withdrawing from swimming and reserves the right to exercise all legal rights to safeguard his honor and reputation”. This is the same steroid for which 11 Greek weightlifters tested positive in a separate recent doping scandal. Source:…

  • Phelps Beat Peirsol In Backstroke

    In a Grand Prix meet at Santa Clara, Calif., Phelps won the 100 backstroke in 54.03 seconds. World record-holder Aaron Peirsol, the reigning Olympic champion, was second in 54.36. It was the first time Phelps had ever beaten Peirsol in backstroke. Source:

  • Fun Angle On The Speedo Controversy

    With outsider points like “In the same way that most men believe red sports cars are speedier than those of other hues, they believe Speedos go faster than normal trunks” and “Well, on behalf of readers, a friend of mine examined them to see if there was obvious NASA input. There were no rockets, fuel…

  • Fight Mosquitoes By Putting Fish In The Pool

    With foreclosure season coming up now, Californians are fighting mosquitoes the natural way by releasing small but effective fish called Gambusia Affinis into the abandoned pools. Source: ABC News Picture courtesy of NOZO at Wikimedia Commons

  • Top 5 Personalities In Swimming

    According to David Cromwell at Guess who is number one?

  • Vendt Management Boycots TYR

    Premier Management Group (PMG) responds to TYR lawsuit against Eric Vendt, stating that they “will no longer sign our clients with TYR Sport, effective immediately”. Source: SwimNews