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David Blaine Breaks Breath Holding World Record

Endurance artist David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes 4 seconds today on the Oprah Winfrey Show, breaking the previous mark of 16 minutes 38 second set by Peter Colat on February 10 this year.

Two Percent Is A Lot

Try and tell me that if Matt Biondi or Tom Jager wore these suits they wouldn’t have been much faster. Jager’s 21.81 50 free from 1990 with a two percent decrease is a 21.37. All of a sudden Eamon’s 21.28 isn’t that ridiculous. Biondi’s 21.85 (1990) and 48.42 (1988) turn into 21.41 and a “world record” 47.45 respectively.

How about the women? Janet Evans’ 4:03.85 400 free from 1988 turns into a 3:58.97. Mary T’s 2:05.96 200 fly from 1981 turns into a 2:03.44. I could go all day with this, but you get the point.

The truly scary part is that this “two percent” theory applies to the new suits vs. the most recent suits before hand. Compare it to what the older timers above were wearing and you go way past the realm of ridiculous.


Manaudou Pulls Out Of 200 Freestyle Olympic Trials

Laure Manaudou is having a difficult time at the French Olympic Trials, first finishing only third in the 400 freestyle, and then pulling out of the 200. She holds the world record in both events. Read more about it for instance here on SwimNews and here on

Here is the 400 freestyle with Manoudou getting very emotional when questioned by journalists afterwards.

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