Cameron van der Burgh presents Junk In My Trunk


South Africa’s world record holder Cameron van der Burgh presents the crap stuff that he keeps in the trunk of his Audi A1, including swim stuff (of course) and golf clubs. Sponsored by Audi, yes, but also truly fond of his car.

Funny story about Cameron and his car: After competing in the South African Swimming Championships in the spring of 2010, our Pál Joensen and his coach Jón Bjarnason got stuck in Joburg Airport, because of the smoke from Eyjafjallajökull, all the way up here in the North Atlantic.

After waiting for a day and a night and being told that they might have to wait for 14 more days, Pál gets frustrated and posts “get me out of here” on Facebook. 5 minutes later, the then world champion Cameron calls and says ‘I’ll be there in half an hour’.

So he picks them up in his Audi (A3 Quattro then, I think), takes them with him to Pretoria, for a little bit of altitude training in his 50 meter pool, some nice home cooking and a sleepover. The day after, he drives them to Johannesburg again, where they somehow get on a plane.

Now that is a great guy !


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