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USA’s Jessica Hardy set at new 50 meter breaststroke short course world record, with a time of 29.45 where her world record from the 2008 World Short Course Championships in Manchester was 29.58. And USA’s Peter Marshall set a new 50 meter backstroke world record, with a time of 22.75 where USA’s Randall Bal’s world record from the 2008 World Cup meet in Berlin was 22.87. Read

Video of 50 Breaststroke WR
Video of 100 Backstroke WR

Sweden’s Therese Alshammar set a new 100 meter individual medley world record this morning, at the FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup 2009 meet in Durban, South Africa. The new world record time is 58.51, where Australia’s Emily Seebohm’s world record from last August was 58.54. Read

42 year-old olympic swimmer Dara Torres is to have her left shinbone broken, in order to create more room for cartilage to grow around the kneecap. After that, she’ll have to recover for up to 18 months, but hopes that this will motivate her even more, to come back for the 2012 London Olympics. Read

Dara Torres

(Torres after winning silver in Beijing. Picture courtesy of bryangeek, cc by-sa)

Libby Trickett broke her own 100 meter world record at the Australian Short Course Championships on August 10th, clocking 51.01 where her world record from 2005 was 51.70. Her first personal best in 4 years, after taking the week off since Rome 09. Christian Sprenger erased Ed Moses from the record books, with a time of 2:01.98 in the 200 breaststroke, where Moses’ time from 2004 was 2:02.92. And Emily Seebohm set a new 100 individual medley world record, with a time of 58.54 where Natalie Coughlin’s world record from 2002 was 58.80. Read SwimmingWorld Magazine

Canada’s Katy Murdoch, Annamay Pierse, Audrey Lacroix and Victoria Poon set a new 4×100 medley world record at the British Short Course Grand Prix on August 9th, with a time of 3:49.95 where USA’s world record was 3:51.36. And Canada’s Jake Tapp, Paul Kornfeld, Joe Bartoch and Brent Hayden clocked 3:23.33 in the same event, where Russia’s world record was 3:24.29. Read SwimmingWorld Magazine

South Africa’s Cameron van der Burgh became first man under 56 seconds in the 100 meter breaststroke, when he at the South African Short Course Championships on August 9th swam 55.99, where his world record from the day before was 56.39. Read SwimmingWorld Magazine

Cameron van der Burgh lowered his 50 and 100 breaststroke short course world records, at the South African Short Course Championships on August 8th, clocking 25.43 and 56.39, where his world records from last year were 25.94 and 56.88. And Roland Schoeman set a new 50 freestyle world record, with a time of 20.30 where Amaury Leveaux’s world record from last year was 20.48. Read SwimmingWorld Magazine

USA’s Jessica Hardy set both the 50 and the 100 long course breaststroke world record, when she at the 2009 U.S. Open National Championships on August 7th swam the first 50 in a world record time of 29.80, and then the full 100 also in a world record time of 1:04.45, where Rebecca Soni’s world record from the World Championships was 1:04.84. Read SwimmingWorld Magazine