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Australia’s Felicity Galvez has set a new world record in the short course 50 meter fly at Manchester 2008, with the time of 25.32, a hundredth of a second faster than the now former world record of 25.33, that Sweden’s Anna-Karin Kammerling set in 2005. See SwimInfo and SwimNews.

Zimbabwe’s Kirsty Coventry set a new 400 IM SCM world record in a race where no 2 and 3 also swam within the former world record. USA crushed the 400 freestyle relay SCM world record, and the Dutch women totally obliterated the 800 freestyle relay SCM world record with more than 7 seconds, in a race where 4 teams (!) went clear under the 6 year old world record.

Here is the 400 IM final in Spanish

As stated here on, FINA has now incorporated the new version of the WADA World Anti-Doping Code into its rules, together with a new set of FINA Medical & Ethic Rules.

The FINA Extraordinary Congress has also approved the adoption of a starting platform in swimming that may have an adjustable setting back plate (to be implemented only after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing), the definition of 10km open water events as ‘Marathon Swimming’, and the new regulations related to cases of emergency abandonment of open water swimming races.