Learn to Swim at Any Age With Coach Chris Confidence in Cumberland County | FOX43

FOX43 News is at Elite Sports and Wellness to try a private swim lesson for adults with Coach Chris Confidence.

“Water safety is the main thing that we teach, but when we get started, you know, we are out of breath and our heart rates are increased and it’s exercise too,” said Marybeth Quirin, an instructor of three years at CCC.

These swimming sessions are ‘one-on-one’ with a Coach Chris Confidence teacher trained to keep people safe in the water.

The classes can vary, based on the interests and skill level of the client.

“They will work with you as per your needs, you learn swimming. But again, make you comfortable that you don’t get into any other major body issues or health issues,” said Vaishali Shah, CCC Client.

Some students start because they want to get stronger in the water or learn a specific stroke, others say they want to conquer a fear.

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