Beluga Sisters’ First Swim in Klettsvík Cove: Video


The beluga whales Litla-Hvít and Litla-Grá (Little White and Little Grey) took their first swim in their new sanctuary home in Klettsvík, Vestmannaeyjar Islands, earlier this week, reports. […]

The beluga sisters arrived in Vestmannaeyjar islands in June of last year after a 10,000-km (6,000-mile) long flight from Shanghai, where they had been living in the marine animal park Changfeng Ocean World.

At first, they had to be temporarily placed in a swimming pool for adjustment, but then they moved to Klettsvík cove in August of this year.

This week, they were for the first time released to fully explore their new home.  As they did so, they were carefully monitored by their expert care team.

According to Sea Life Trust, which operates the sancutary, the whales will be gradually introduced to their 32,000-square-meter (344,000-sq-ft) Klettsvík home, which has a depth of up to 11 meters (36 ft).

Using this ‘Little Steps’ approach, the sisters will return to the sea sanctuary care pools over a short period of time while their health and well-being is assessed and monitored on a daily basis.

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