Swim Faster with Weightlifting: Learn to Snatch in 25 min | Swimmer Strength


This is the best workout to learn some basic fundamentals for weightlifting, specifically the Snatch.

Key pointers:

  • Wide grip
  • Feet pressure even
  • Neutral spine
  • Extend legs before moving arms
  • Moving slow is main objective.



  • PVC Snatch Warm-Up Complex x3

Block A:

  • A1. PVC Snatch Start Position Hold x2(3x5s)
  • A2. PVC 3-Point Snatch Pull 2×3

Block B:

  • B1. PVC ½ Snatch Grip Deadlift 2×5
  • B2. PVC 3-Point Snatch High-Pull 2×3

Block C:

  • C1. PVC Snatch Rolls 3×5

Block D:

  • D1. PVC Jump Snatch 3×5

Block E:

  • E1. PVC Hollow Tuck 3×5


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