Layers of Protection, Texas Swim Academy


Layers of protection help us to stay safe around the water.

Here is a tip to help you remember how to take care of us around the water

  • Tip 1: Never leave us alone near the water, even for a few seconds.
  • Tip 2: Have at least one adult “water watcher” us in the pool at all times. If you are with a group, adults, please take turns. And adults don’t forget to wear your water watcher tag so everyone knows who is in charge.
  • Tip 3: Sign us up for Survival swim lessons when we are little. We get to learn how to swim by ourselves and float on our backs. Yep, even when we are little, we’re able to swim!
  • Tip: 4 Swimming pools should have fences, alarms, and drains that meet safety regulations to keep us safe.
  • Tip: 5 Always keep safety equipment near the pool. Reaching and throwing aids should be close by.
  • Tip: 6 Parents and water watchers, please learn how to perform CPR and rescue techniques so you can help in an emergency.
  • Tip: 7 If a child is missing, ALWAYS check the pool first.” We love to play in swimming pools and want to be safe Sign up for these classes today! Swim, Float, Survive! And Pool Safely!

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