Wausau Parks and Recreation committee OK’s free swimming trial


The Wausau Parks and Recreation Committee has given approval for city pools to experiment with free admission days for the remainder of the 2018 swimming season after a resident proposed waiving the fees altogether.

Committee Chair Pat Peckham says it’s a chance for those who haven’t been to the pools in a while to give them a try. “Maybe they haven’t taken their family there yet, they just haven’t gotten around to it. But, if they go on a free day, maybe they’ll bring their kids back on a couple of other days and we will make our money back.” Others on the committee noted that those at the pool will still need to pay for concessions.

Peckham adds that the experiment will also let city leaders know how overhead costs such as chemicals are impacted by the extra swimmers. He noted that the pools would be fully staffed on those days to handle the maximum capacity of swimmers allowed inside the fences.

Pool officials will be responsible for tracking data during the free swimming days such as attendance and incident reports. They’ll also be surveying those who attend to get their thoughts on the policy.


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