U.S. Freediving Federation Announces Launch


Freediver and tech entrepreneur Jeremy Stephan will announce the formation of the U.S. Freediving Federation (USFF) at the CMAS General Assembly Meeting in Phuket Thailand this week.

Started in 1959 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and recognized by the International Olympic Committee and UNESCO, CMAS comprises over 130 federations including the United States as one of the charter members. CMAS is a prestigious organization dedicated to the development of all underwater activities and sport disciplines on a worldwide basis.

As the youngest member of the CMAS family, the USFF is happy to help continue the legacy started by Mr. Cousteau by offering its members unprecedented education, support and resources while aiming increase a greater visibility and understanding of the sport.

“I couldn’t find much support in the U.S. Most people in the U.S. don’t know anything about freediving,” says Stephan. “There are very few competitions here, and no programs or organizations that are helping to build awareness and community. This is what I want to affect and change. I want to inspire and help make this sport understood, attainable and approachable. I want everyone else after me in the U.S. to have a support system to learn, train, go on adventures and compete. While the experience will be different for everyone, the benefits that can be gained are many and life changing.”

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