Best time to start structured swimming lessons is before school begins


The year before school starts, about age 4, is a good time to start structured lessons and consolidate foundation skills before the focus turns to stroke development, especially if you have a lifestyle that regularly involves the water. This strategy works for most families, but don’t be afraid to skip a term, try a different program, or learn in a different aquatic environment to keep children motivated.

If your child has started school but can’t swim, it is time to feel a little anxious. If it is a choice between weekend sport and swimming, swimming and water safety should win. If time constraints are a problem, involve the grandparents or pool with neighbours or friends.

If your child is in years 3 to 6 at school and still can’t swim then you best start – and urgently. Research shows that in most cases they will be well positioned to learn quickly and efficiently. This is why most of the government subsidised programs focus on ages 8 to 10.

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