Swim Coach – an App for Making Smart Swimming Workouts

Many swimmers are familiar with the problem of not knowing what exercise to do next in the pool. A new app called “Swim Coach” addresses this problem and is now available for Android devices.


The protagonist of the app is a panda coach that helps swimmers and triathletes with planning interesting swim training sessions and training plans. The user just has to answer a few questions about the desired training distance and training focus (all-round, technique, breathing and endurance). Based on this information, the app automatically creates a personalized training which can be shared via email for printing.

A database of 40+ exercises and a smart algorithm make sure that no training will be like the other. Users with a gold subscription even have access to a database of 100+ interesting exercises. Additionally, they are provided with time trial sets embedded in their workouts where they can log their training times and track their progress.


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