TritonWear Tech Provides Real-Time Tracking for Competitive Swimmers

Competitive swimmers are looking to improve their performance with a new piece of tech from TritonWear. This new piece of wearable tech analyzes nearly every aspect of their swim and records it in real time to a tablet or computer.

The device itself is rather unobtrusive and attaches to the strap of your goggles. After powering on, it uses motion sensors to record stroke count, turn time, time underwater, and much more. By beaming the data directly to an iPad, a coach can then analyze and compare specific swimmers across an entire team.

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4 responses to “TritonWear Tech Provides Real-Time Tracking for Competitive Swimmers”

  1. Hello Rokur,
    didn’t know about the TritonWear tracker so far but it looks interesting. Easy to attach on the goggles strap.
    If interested, I created a list at
    Probably will add the Triton to my list, too. Curious how good the accuracy is though.

    Regards, Tony.

  2. Interesting swim tracker for professionals. I came here researching additional swim trackers for my article here: Do you have any personal experience with this tracker? I like the fact that your coach can analyze so much data in real time on an ipad. Will have to test it.

  3. As a gadgets and wearable author, I never would have thought about TrinoWear. It seems like a very wonderful tracker to add on to my list at . I wouldn’t mind learning more about this technology from you, Rokur. If possible, can you please shed some light on this? Thanks for unveiling this. I do appreciate.

    1. Thanks Michael

      Actually, we have plans for a test run, so it might well hapen :-)

      Also, there are plenty of teams that are already using this technology.

      Best regards


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