Swimmer fights off shark; ‘I just pulled out his eyeball’


A man swimming near the shores of Hawaii has shared a seemingly miraculous story of survival, detailing his fight against a shark that attacked him over the weekend, and the extreme lengths to which he went in order to survive.

Tony Lee was swimming off the coast of Lanikai when he encountered the shark last Saturday. The 44-year-old reportedly felt an unusual tug on his legs, and upon looking backwards, found that both of his lower limbs were in the mouth of a large shark. Lee described the animal as “a big guy,” noting that the predator was attempting to pull him underwater.

Luckily, Lee was wearing goggles at the time of the attack, and he was able to observe what was going on clearly. As ABC13 points out, the swimmer recalls thinking that if he were to continue punching the shark hard enough, the animal would eventually let him go. As the shark attempted to pull him under, Lee quite literally took his escape into his own hands.

Lashing out at the shark, Lee drove his finger into its eyeball. The predator released him, and when Lee came to the surface, he found himself not only treading water, but he was also holding the shark’s eye in his hand.

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