FINA announces Kylie Palmer (AUS) failed doping test at Barcelona 2013


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On 31 July 2013, FINA has conducted an in-competition doping control test on Ms Kylie Palmer, member of the Australian National Team with the occasion of the FINA World Championships held in Barcelona (ESP). The sample provided by the athlete showed low levels of a prohibited substance.

As per the FINA DC Rule 7.1.2, this matter was forwarded to the FINA DCRB for their review and recommendations on 3 August 2013.

During its review, the FINA DCRB noted that on 1 August 2013 a random sample was obtained from the same competitor within 24 hours of the index test (31 July 2013). The competitor had earlier undergone blood testing on 25 July 2013, a further blood test was performed on 1 August 2013.  All those tests proved negative.

Consequently, the FINA DCRB sought additional information from the laboratory on the index test. The FINA DCRB also recommended FINA to conduct two further target testing on the swimmer. All those additional tests proved negative.

In January 2014, the FINA DCRB recommended to FINA that no further action is needed to be taken in the matter of Ms Kylie Palmer as the details of this case were carefully considered by the members of the FINA DCRB who expressed concerns about proceeding with the case given the low levels of the prohibited substance detected, the absence of this substance in a subsequent test, the absence of any other prohibited substance in the samples.

In February 2015, WADA requested FINA for some information on the matter of Ms Kylie Palmer. FINA provided to WADA all the requested documents in this case.

Following review of those documents, WADA decided to file an appeal with the Court of Arbitration of Sport in Lausanne (SUI) and requested CAS to order FINA to bring forward the 31 July 2013 findings as an anti-doping rule violation in accordance with DC 7.1.3 et seq.

Following WADA’s confirmation, on 13 April 2015 FINA sent correspondence to Ms Kylie Palmer and to Swimming Australia notifying about the positive test from Barcelona. The athlete requested the B sample analysis which also showed low levels of the prohibited substance. In accordance with the FINA DC Rules the matter of Ms Kylie Palmer has been forwarded to the FINA Doping Panel for further considerations and final decision.

On 16 June 2015, Ms Palmer informed FINA that she accepted voluntary Provisional Suspension and that she will refrain from competing pending the final resolution of this matter.

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