Grant Hackett turned to drugs after a death threat: Father Neville Hackett speaks out


“This happened about two years ago when he was forced to immediately leave Melbourne to live in Sydney. The truth about this has never come out.

“That’s what really caused the Stilnox abuse and the addiction.

“I know he used Stilnox while he was swimming but he wasn’t hooked on it. It was when his life was threatened and he couldn’t sleep at night from all the worry.”

Hackett snr, a former police inspector, said the death threat was never reported to police but would not explain why. He said the family took it very seriously.

“Grant was on his way to the gym in Melbourne when he was threatened,” he said.

“He phoned me straight away because I’m an ex copper. I told him to jump straight on a plane back here to the Gold Coast.

“He arrived in his gym clothes with no luggage. We took the threat seriously and we still do. We didn’t say anything about it at the time because we didn’t want it out there.

“Look I’ve said enough. He hasn’t had it easy. I just want the truth to come out. To come through what he has is just unbelievable. We’re so proud.”

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