Would you let your kids swim in the Dan river?


It sounds like something out of a third grader’s standardized testing: “If 39,000 tons of coal ash spilled into the river and they got 3,000 tons out, how many tons are left in the river?”

We won’t do the math for you, but… well hey, why not?

36,000 tons. That’s how much coal ash (at minimum) is still in the Dan River after a massive spill from the Duke Energy coal plant in Eden, NC on Feb. 2. The energy giant has since stopped trying to remove it – a decision green-lighted by the EPA – and, this week, the state lifted the recreational water advisory on the Dan. That means if you want to swim, tube, fish, clam, or just hang-out-and-cool-off in the Dan River, according to the State of North Carolina, you’re good to go.

Officially, anyway.

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