Just what is eating those Great Whites?


Read for instance CNN via Neatorama

A mystery revolving around the death of a nine-foot-long great white shark off the coast of Western Australia is the subject of a documentary to air June 25th and 26th on The Smithsonian Channel. Remains of the great white washed up on shore months after the shark was killed. A satellite tracking tag that the shark had been fitted with surfaced as well.

Information retrieved from the tracking device showed the shark was subjected to depths and conditions consistent with a larger predator, possibly another great white shark. The sensor on the tracking device was deprived of light for three weeks before it washed onto shore. The remains of the shark also showed signs of bleaching, possibly from exposure to stomach acid.

Yup, that’s right, a Great Great White. A Greater White. A Mega-shark. Jaws.

Photo by lwpkommunikacio

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