Man Jumps Into Sydney Harbor and Encounters a Great White Shark


The discussion is raging on Sourcefed and Reddit, but I won’t give it away. Yet! :-)

Close Call with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour!
Filmed on a GoPro at Manly jump rock.

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  1. The biggest mistake in this video is that the guy standing on the rock who yells out Shark behind you is pointing away from Collins beach towards Sydney Harbour but when the guy goes under water to check out the Shark, it now shows the Shark is swimming casually from the Collins beach area which is in the opposite direction… So the Shark traveled at least 50 metres under water in a second… ;)

  2. Some neat compositing there! I know what the depth and the UW landscape looks like there so yeah it is a fake but a bloody good one!

    You can also see the cuts when the camera moves from above to below the waters surface and some of the shots with arms and shark in frame don’t have quite the same size perspective.

    Just to put it in context, I am an underwater DOP and know that location quite well. the type of schooling fish you see in the deeper water do not school around that area.

    It is a great concept and some cool image work… I wish I had thought of it!!!

    • yep you are a retard, Ohhh UW contrast .. just cause it didnt happen to you … underwater DOP ‘underwater drop kick’, #ivebeendivingthere.

      • Harrold the retard is you mate.
        It’s 2014, people have been doing very believable VFX for some time now.

    • Agree with you Dean! My boyfriend and I are regular divers at this site and the depth is totally off… we should be able to see the bottom in a lot of those shots… if anything the shark should of been a bull shark. Probably would of believed that more…

      But still… good video. I’m going to look twice when I am diving there now. Thanks photoshop loser!

  3. OMG, doesn’t anyone know how to tell the fingerprint of a great white? look at the tail..those little white spots in the first section, then the second section they seem to merge into a large whit spot on the tail lol. It’s so fake it’s not funny. Even the dorsel is different. And it even teleports :P

  4. great way to up the shark hate, you bloody idiot!
    The fact that there was a gate to prevent people from jumping in the first place wasn’t a big enough hint?
    The fact that this is a really pathetic fake will be lost to a lot of people who will then promptly add to the shark hate and culling doesn’t seem to bother you?
    flippin chop!

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