Floating sauna to be launched in Seattle

Read Gizmag and see goCstudio

Architecture firm goCstudio is planning to launch a floating sauna on Lake Washington, Seattle, later this year. According to goCstudio, the sauna will be accessed by kayak and will provide, “an enticing refuge from the city, a moment to escape, relax and reinvigorate.”[…]


According to O’Carroll, the sauna will most likely be classified as a boat by the US Coast guard and will be able to “drop anchor” for periods of time. When anchored, the plan is to orientate it to the south so as to catch the sun. Slot windows, meanwhile, will provide views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

In order to undertake the project, goCstudio needs to raise US$15,000 via a Kickstarter campaign, which is due to launch within a few weeks. If successful, the campaign will fund the materials for the sauna, stove and the prefab dock kit. O’Carroll and Gentry will carry out the construction themselves with the help of friends and contributors. They hope to partner with a business to run and maintain the sauna while it remains open.


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