Swim coach says backyard pool ban would defeat the purpose

john-wallaceRead The Gympie Times

A Sunshine Coast veteran swim coach has poured cold water on suggestions to ban backyard pools.

This week an Australian mummy blogger caused outrage when she suggested swimming pools in Australian homes should be banned because they presented an unacceptable risk to children.

Jo Abi wrote in her iVillage column that if any other product contributed to as many deaths as pools, it would be banned and the subject of mass litigation.

However, coach John Wallace, from the John Wallace Swim School at the Caloundra Aquatic Centre, said the suggestion was outrageous and banning pools would only increase drownings.

“How many kids have been saved because they learnt to swim?” Mr Wallace said.

“It’s all about learning to be responsible in the water and doing the right thing. That saves a lot of lives.”


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