Ryan Lochte injured in fan encounter


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After a run-in with a fan – literally – Ryan Lochte will be taking some time away from the pool.

The three-time Olympian suffered a torn MCL and sprained ACL in his left knee on Sunday while he was in Florida.

The five-time gold medalist encountered an excited fan, who ran at him. Lochte caught the teenage girl, but the two toppled over in the process, his representative confirmed.

Lochte hit his knee on the curb, while the girl was unharmed.

SwimmingWorld reports that this probably means Lochte won’t be competing this side of Christmas:

Injuries such as the ones Lochte sustained take months to heal fully. It’s very likely he’ll sit out the USA Swimming nationals, as well as the Duel in the Pool, both of which are in December.

Ryan Lochte

Image courtesy of Toby and Tai Shan, CC BY 2.0

Coach David Marsh said according to WHAS11

“He wasn’t prepared to catch her and, when that happened, it buckled his knees. He actually has loose joints. He’s kind of double-jointed in all his limbs, which is part of the talent for swimming, but not obviously ideal for catching fans.”

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