Bob Bowman on the Lowenthal tragedy and Shallow Water Blackout

At the 2013 Asca World Clinic in New Orleans, NBAC head coach Bob Bowman addressed the crowd on “the most important information I have ever given to coach”. Read

Louis Lowenthal was 14 when he died on Wednesday, October 31, at Sinai Hospital, three days after he was administered CPR on the pool deck at Meadowbrook, NBAC’s pool, following a Sunday morning swim practice. To get a glimpse of who young Louis was, read the The Baltimore Sun’s report on the celebration of his life. […]

“The very best people had been there,” explained Bowman recalling the Sunday in question. The lifeguard who administered CPR was an ex-marine, a nurse was present, a doctor at the helm of his profession in the US was on hand but did not intervene directly because he believed that he could have done no better than those helping the young swimmer. They had done all they could. […]

When the puzzle was pieced together with Louis’s paediatrician Dr Alan Lake at the request of the grieving Lowenthal family, the verdict was clear: Shallow Water Blackout. […]

Bowman urged all coaches to watch the 52-minute video of the roundtable discussion that is posted here on the NBAC website



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