So, what happened to Pál Joensen?


A promising 7:50.81 and 6th in the prelims, and then 7:52.57 and 7th in the final. If you understand Swedish then you are in luck, because he explained to SVT right after the race. Problem simply that he decided to not follow the charge the first few laps, and then realized after a few hundred meters that there was no point trying to catch them. Technique was good though; he told SVT that he might to compromise a bit on that in the 1500, and go for more speed instead.

Life is good though in the Faroe camp. We’re happy that he got into the final at all, after this year with him moving away from home, to Denmark and changing coach twice. Our other three (universality) athletes have all made best times and the two girls Faroese national records. I’m coming down with a cold or something, but other that that, all is swell.


(Pál Joensen and Jordan Harrison after the 800 final)

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