Danish former pro cyclist: Mads Glæsner got off easy


A very interesting discussion here on Danish TV2, retired Danish swimmer Jakob Andkjær, Danish former professional road racing cyclist Niki Østergaard and Danish footballer Thomas Rasmussen and others discussing the two current doping cases in Danish swimming, plus doping and doping prevention in general. It is unfortunately in Danish only, but Niki Sørensen says when asked about the length of Glæsner’s ban, that he got off easy.

– The medals are of course a penalty, but the three months is a three-month vacation so that he can go on training at home in the swimming pool. I feel it is to get off easy. Compared to all other cases I know about people getting caught with minimal amounts of this or that, this is a very small penalty.

– I am a big supporter of punishment for people who break the rules. I will not go into how big the punishment should have been, but he should at least look at the three months and say that it was small price to pay to fix his error. Any cyclist could have made ​​this mistake and gotten two years. You have to remember that, says Niki Sørensen.

They go on discussing doping and how to prevent accidental doping – Part 2

An interesting part of the discussion is also how the public opinion on medication in sport changes between sports. How a footballer can be a hero when ‘playing on pills’, while a cyclist by now per default is a culprit.

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