French fisherman escapes from saltwater crocodile’s jaws


Read for instance Mail Online and ninemsn

Residents of Australia’s tropical north know that you don’t go swimming in the sea at night because that’s when crocodiles are most dangerous.

But French fisherman Yoann Galeran didn’t know the rules and happily dived into the waters off Arnhem Land – which is why he ended up with his head firmly between the jaws of a saltwater croc.

“It felt like a big stone or something coming on my head and I just thought for sure that is a croc and I started to think the only thing to do was to move my body as much as I can,” Mr Galeran told AAP.

He said the animal was still living in a place where children played and needed to be killed.
“I think they need to do something with him, probably kill him. He is very cheeky,” Mr Galeran said.

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