Fink: The stink of Australian swimming


Brace yourself …

What I see with my own eyes – and I’ve been to a few pools in my time to meet or interview Australian swimmers – is a sport largely made up of narcissistic, entitled young men and women mollycoddled from real life by their coaches, their business managers, their sponsors, a fawning media and a gormless public who swallow the fiction that they’re perpetually switched-on, cereal-masticating, alcohol-abstaining, hard-training heroes that go to bed early and will sacrifice everything to win gold and be the very best they can be.
In reality many of them are anything but. At 3am in the morning in a dark Kings Cross nightclub the last thing you expect to see is an open-shirted Olympic medallist trying to pull some easy skirt, but it’s not an unknown occurrence.

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  1. Blah blah blah on

    This journalist is an absolute creep who is heavily disliked by many . He is also a sleazy slut who prowls dating sites , bars & brothels just to exploit women so as to put them in his book.
    So the Australian girl swimmers gave him the brush off & a male medallist go the girls. Ha ha.

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