Aussie WMD relay bonding session ’caused havoc’ just days before London 2012


According to FoxSports, Australia’s much-hyped 4×100 hopefuls – including Olympic rookies James Magnussen, James Roberts and Cameron McEvoy – went out on a mates’ date to watch the latest Batman movie at a cinema, but it turned into a dark night of their own, creating havoc when they returned to the luxury hotel. Prank calls were made to female swimmers trying to sleep and hotel room doors were banged on throughout the night, infuriating team-mates and coaches.

James Roberts has admitted that they were behaving ‘dumb’:

“I know the night, there’s no denying that stuff happened in the hotel, but we’d been out on a movie night. We went and saw the new Batman movie – all the boys together, just hanging out and just being boys, being dumb.

“I’m being truthful. We were just being boys. Just prank calling in the hotel and stuff and door-knocking the girls’ doors, but it was all harmless fun.”

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  1. Really like your posts, nice story. Aussie guys acting up to standards, I would not make such a big deal out of it. This happens at almost everysim meet I have been to. Well they really havent been pro level but still, parnk calls knocking on peoples doors and such. Funny article though. I also have a blog of my own, if you want to check it out at

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