Australian Trials day 7: Sullivan gets to go, Huegill misses out

Comeback champ Geoff Huegill up until tonight to qualify for the Olympics, but missed out with a 52.50 and 5th in the 100 butterfly, Christopher Wright and Jayden Hadler qualifying in 51.67 and 52.09 respectively. James Magnussen blasted the 50 free with a world top ranking time of 21.74 in the 50 free, Eamon Sullivan also qualifying for the individual with a 21.92. Belinda Hocking qualified in the women’s 200 backstroke with a time of 2:06.68, and Meagan Nay also with a time of 2:07.83. And Kylie Palmer and Jessica Ashwood qualified in the 800 freestyle, in 8:26.60 and 8:27.97 respectively. Read more here on SwimmingWorld Magazine.


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