Geoff Huegill admits drug use and suicidal thoughts while retired


geoff huegill on the morning show“I remained trapped because I was so ineffective in my life outside the pool,” Huegill revealed in the book. “The usual cycles kicked in again, plenty of alcohol and party drugs. I was arriving home from clubbing at 4am, the hour I used to be getting up and training. I now had debt collectors to deal with.

“My weight was a burden. I’d returned home 45kg heavier than my 90kg swimming weight, with a waist measurement of 111cm.

” I’d beat myself up because I wasn’t achieving anything, then I’d write myself off to try to block those depressive thoughts, then I’d have to deal with the consequences of writing myself off spending money I didn’t have, behaving badly, letting people down and burning bridges with friends.

“I was in a downward spiral and powerless to do anything about it.”

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