Cryosauna, a high-tech alternative to ice baths


Athletes are increasingly using ice baths to stimulate recovery, as seen in this ClubWolverine video with Mike Bottom about swimming recovery. A more high-tech alternative is the cryosauna, where liquid nitrogen is turned into freezing gas, plunging the temperature below -200 degrees Fahrenheit (-128 degrees Celcius), for instance used by ‘Mad Scientist’ Alberto Salazar.

The body believes that it is dying and rushes blood to protect its vital organs. Two minutes later, when the athlete emerges from the container, the concentrated and enriched blood rushes back through the body, providing an instant cleanse and relief.

Source The Wall Street Journal via Neatorama.


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  1. Tried this four years ago in Poland, on a two week training camp in Ostroviec. Allthough we went in to a room with a cover in front of our mouths, the basic principle (and temperature) was the same as in this example.

    I had the worst camp of my life, swimming slowly and not really recovering at all. Of course, thats not all down to the Cryosauna, but my effect was rather limited it seemed. In addition that camp and the following weeks had a higher sick-ratio than what is normal. We don’t know if that was down to the freezing-chamber, but it sure wasnt our greatest camp.

    We never went back there, but that was due to other factors as well: the place we stayed, food and more. The jury is somewhat out on the subject, but it did not have a great effect on us.

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