A photo of Faroese weather from this week


This picture has been going viral these past two days, taken by Jóannis Sørensen on January 18, 2012 at Viðareiði in the Faroe Islands. He was on radio just now saying it had been shared about 2000 times already. He calls it “Where Nature Rules“.

Where Nature Rules

My brother Bartal (the weather-interested geologist) sent me this weather satellite photo from the same day, with Faroe Islands looking like the evil belly button on top of the Earth.


It has been a tough winter, Bartal posted on Google+ on December 28th that we’d had 2 hurricanes (average windspeed above 33 m/s) and 3 storms (average windspeed above 25 m/s) only that (Christmas) week. If I sometimes seem a bit weak in energy here on the site, then you now know why. Sigh.


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