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  • FINA Announces 'The Dubai Charter'

    FINA press release: “Amendments to the FINA Swimwear Approval Procedures: the Bureau approved the “Dubai Charter” (see attached document) to be immediately implemented.”

  • Mizuno, Asics And Descente Respond To Japanese Deadline

    The Japanese Swimming Federation gave the three Japanese sportswear companies until May 30 to come up with an outfit comparable to the LZR Racer, which they then have unveiled by now. Asics and Descente have used a new “world’s fastest swimwear material” called Biorubber Swim-SCS Fabric and polyurethane, while Mizuno say they have a new…

  • Nike Allows Sponsored Athletes To Use Other Brands

    While Arena is trying to keep its sponsored swimmers at bay by promising a new suit at the end of the month, Nike sort of just gives up, telling its swimmers that they are allowed to choose their own suits as long as the possible logos of other brands are blacked out.

  • Madsen Worried About The LZR Psychological Impact

    Madsen, who had a long history of coaching in Germany before accepting the DSV offer, is not yet convinced the Speedo suit makes a technical difference but there is no questioning the psychological impact. “There have been 39 world records, long and short course, this year and 90 percent of them were in Speedo,” Madsen…

  • Italy Will Investigate the Speedo LZR

    The Italian swimming federation’s Institute of Medicine and Science is set to conduct a study on the relationship between the suits and the recent onslaught of world record. On the other hand, Dr. Brent Rushall states that this is just an example of excellence in marketing. “Speedo has picked a year in which traditionally, there…

  • Hall: New Suits A Convenient Distraction For Drug Cheats

    Gary Hall Jr is pretty adamant about it: “There’s obviously something there besides technology”, “I don’t want it to take the attention away from the performances but there’s doping going on in sports” and “It’s a convenient distraction for the people who dope and those who aren’t cracking down on it”. Source: Reuters

  • Talbot Says Stop Crying And Get Yourself A LZR

    Swimmers not wearing the new space-age swimsuits should either stop crying about it or move heaven and earth to get their hands on them, says Australian head coach Don Talbot according to the Herald Sun. Meanwhile, Germans smell Olympic disaster because of wearing the wrong suits.

  • An Open Letter From Forbes Carlile

    Carlile urges us all, swimming federations and individuals, to make our voices heard, if we believe, as he, that the intrusion of the Speedo LZR and similar Hi Tech swimwears is harming our sport. Below is enclosed the open letter from Forbes Carlile, as shown here on SwimNews.

  • Two Percent Is A Lot

    Try and tell me that if Matt Biondi or Tom Jager wore these suits they wouldn’t have been much faster. Jager’s 21.81 50 free from 1990 with a two percent decrease is a 21.37. All of a sudden Eamon’s 21.28 isn’t that ridiculous. Biondi’s 21.85 (1990) and 48.42 (1988) turn into 21.41 and a “world…