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FINA nominates five to form new Facilities Committee

Interesting news here on The Bureau has confirmed the creation of a Facilities Committee, formed by the following members:…

Official FINA World Record List Hopelessly Outdated

There is not a single 2008 entry in the official lists, even though 41 world records have fallen so far this year and these new better times are listed in the official FINA ranking lists. It cannot be because the records are pending FINA approval, since the individual FINA record pages state that an asterisk (*) would be used for this purpose.

FINA Says Go Copy Speedo

Or more specific, from the official FINA website:

In regards to the swimwear material, the discussion clarified that there was a broad understanding between the manufacturers and FINA that the rules were not meant and should not be interpreted as limiting the materials to fabrics stricto sensu but that other material could be used, as has already been the case for several years.

FINA confirmed that all the swimsuits approved so far are complying with the specifications.

Read a lot more about this here on SwimNews. And notice that no, you probably cannot just copy Speedo, since they according to SwimNews have registered some 13 patents on their suit.

FINA Approves WADA Code And New Starting Block

As stated here on, FINA has now incorporated the new version of the WADA World Anti-Doping Code into its rules, together with a new set of FINA Medical & Ethic Rules.

The FINA Extraordinary Congress has also approved the adoption of a starting platform in swimming that may have an adjustable setting back plate (to be implemented only after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing), the definition of 10km open water events as ‘Marathon Swimming’, and the new regulations related to cases of emergency abandonment of open water swimming races.