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In a Swedish doping study, 55 men were willingly injected with testosterone, before undergoing the standard urine doping test. 17 of them tested negative, because they are missing a gene used to convert the testosterone into a form that dissolves in urine. This gene variation is especially common in Asian men.
Source: The New York Times

Drug traffickers risk 5 years in jail and €75,000 fine (7 years and €150,000 if the offence is committed as part of an organised group or against a minor), while the maximum sentence is a year in prison and a €3,750 fine when the offence is committed by a sports person for his personal use. Source: AFP

Gary Hall Jr is pretty adamant about it: “There’s obviously something there besides technology”, “I don’t want it to take the attention away from the performances but there’s doping going on in sports” and “It’s a convenient distraction for the people who dope and those who aren’t cracking down on it”. Source: Reuters