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On July 5th, Margaret Hoelzer set a new 200 meter backstroke world record with the time of 2:06.09, beating Kirsty Coventry’s world standard of 2:06.39 from February.

Source: SwimInfo

On July 4th, Aaron Piersol tied Ryan Lochte’s 200 backstroke world record, and Phelps set a new 200 IM world record in the time of 1:54.80. Lochte swam 1:54.34 in the 200 backstroke, and 1:55.22 in the 200 IM (third fastest time in history).

Source: SwimInfo here and here

First Hayley McGregory bettered the 100 Backstroke of Natalie Coughlin with a 59.15 (Coughlin’s WR was 59.21), and then Coughlin took it back in the next heat with a 59.03.

Couchlin’s own comments after the swim

Katie Hoff beat Australia’s Stephanie Rice’s time of 4:31.46 with the new world record 4:31.12. And Phelps bettered his own world record to 4:05.25, in a race where Ryan Lochte with 4:06.08 also went under the former world record of 4:06.22. Read here and here at SwimInfo.

Here is Phelps’ world record

The Japanese Swimming Federation has decided to allow its swimmers to wear Speedo’s LZR Racer at the Beijing Olympics. “In order to get the best results in Beijing, we took into account the opinions of the athletes and the coaches,” JSF vice chairman Kazuo Sano said Tuesday.


Two days after wearing a T-shirt stating “I am the swimmer”, in protest against the Japanese Swimming Federation restricting Japanese swimmers to use only Mizuno, Descente or Asics swim suits, Kosuke Kitajima breaks the 200 meter breaststroke world record, wearing a Speedo LZR Racer at the Japan Open. The new world record is 2:07.51, beating the 2:08.50 set by Brendan Hansen at the 2006 Pan Pacific Championships.

Source: SwimInfo

The rule goes into effect on July 1 and will first apply to eligibility for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. “Should an athlete get caught doping in Beijing and then get a sanction of six months, he will not be eligible for the 2012 London Games,” IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies said.


The Japanese Swimming Federation gave the three Japanese sportswear companies until May 30 to come up with an outfit comparable to the LZR Racer, which they then have unveiled by now. Asics and Descente have used a new “world’s fastest swimwear material” called Biorubber Swim-SCS Fabric and polyurethane, while Mizuno say they have a new material tightening the swimmer’s body.

Source: AFP