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Italy’s Federica Pelegrini bettered her own 200 freestyle long course world record today, at the Italian Long Course Championships in Riccione. The new world record time is 1:54.47, where her old one from Beijing was 1:54.82. Read

France’s Gregory Mallet (47.41), Fabien Gilot (44.92), William Meynard (47.65) and Frederick Bousquet (45.00) shattered the 4×100 meter short-course world record in Istres, France today, clocking 3:04.98 where USA’s world record from Manchester 2008 was 3:08.44. Read SwimNews

December 19th: Netherland’s Hinkelien Schreuder, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Inge Dekker and Marleen Veldhuis set a new 4×100 meter short-course world record at the Dutch Short-Course Championships, clocking 3:28.22 where their world record from Manchester 2008 was 3:29.42. Read SwimNews

December 14th: France’s Amaury Leveaux clocked 22.18 in the 50 meter butterfly prelims. Spain’s Mireia Belmonte clocked 4:25.06 in the 400 meter medley. Italy’s Federica Pellegrini clocked 1:51.85 in the 200 meter freestyle. And France’s Alain Bernard (20.64), Fabien Gilot (20.33), Amaury Leveaux (19.93) and Frederic Bousquet (19.87) obliterated the 4×50 meter freestyle world record, clocking 1:20.77, 3.40 seconds below the former world record. Read SwimNews here and here


December 13th: Russia’s Nikolay Skvotsov clocked 1:50.60 in the 200 butterfly, erasing Frank Esposito’s world record of 1:50.73 from 2002. Local hero Sanja Jovanovic clocked 26.23 in the 50 backstroke, wiping out her own 26.37 world record from Manchester 2008. And France’s Amaury Leveaux became the first human being under 45 second’s in the 100 meter short-course event, clocking 44.94. Read SwimNews


December 12th: First did Italy’s Alessia Filippi wipe 3.47sec off Ziegler’s 2007 mark, clocking 8:04.53, with France’s Coralie Balmy also cruising inside the former world mark of 8:08.00, clocking 8:05.32. Then France’s Alain Bernard set a 100 freestyle world record in the first semifinal, clocking 45.69. Then Amaury Leveaux clocked 45.12 in the second semifinal. And then Netherland’s Hinkelein Scheuder, Inge Dekker, Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Marleen Veldhuis set a new 4×50 meters freestyle world record, clocking 1:33.80 where their former world mark was 1:33.82. Read SwimNews


December 7th: France’s Amaury Leveaux shattered the 50 meter freestyle short-course world record in the second semifinal at the European Championships in Rijeka, Croata, clocking 20.48 where South Africa’s Roland Schoeman’s world record was 20.64. And in the men’s 4×50 meter medley, first Italy set a world record (1:34.01), and then Russia (1:33.77) in the prelims. And then Italy and Germany and Russia and France went under the 1.33.77 from the prelims, clocking 1:32.91, 1:33.31, 1:33.31 and 1:33.52 respectively. Read SwimNews


December 6th & 7th: Coralie Balmy clocked 1:53.18 in the 200 freestyle, wiping out Libby Lenton’s 1:53.29 from 2005. Amaury Leveaux swam 22.29 in the 50 fly, where Australia’s Matt Jaukovic’s world record was 22.50. And Alain Bernard swam 45.69 in the 100 freestyle, where Sweden’s Stefan Nystrand’s world record from last year was 45.83. Read SwimNews here and here