‘It Tasted Really Bad:’ Woman Leaps Into Hudson in Viral Video, Wouldn’t Do It Again


A Long Island woman who was seen jumping into the water near the Statue of Liberty in her TikTok video says she didn’t think about whether the water was full of bacteria, but she also said she doesn’t regret it and wouldn’t do it again.

The video of Donna Paysepar diving headfirst into the Upper New York Bay last week certainly got the attention she wanted it to receive, with more than 3 million views on TikTok and millions more on Twitter. Most people thought Paysepar would get sick from being in the water that is often associated with sewage matter and general nastiness from decades of pollution.

But Paysepar says she’s doing OK days after she took the plunge in front of Lady Liberty. The 20-year-old student and food blogger tells NJ.com that she was out on a friend’s boat on Aug. 12 and just wanted a cool video that will get likes.

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