Strength Training for Swimmers – Indiana University Coach Coley Stickels


We were fortunate enough to host Coach Coley Stickels of Indiana University Men’s and Women’s swimming program featuring some of the best Athletes in the world Amanda Kendall, Margo Geer, Zane Grothe, Isabella Arcilla and Nikola Obravac at our training facility in Islamorada, The Florida Keys. In 1999 strength coach Tim Mclellan, swim coach Mike Bottom and Olympic champ Gary Hall Jr. began to implement Mixed Martial Art and Boxing Techniques in to their swim training program. While incorporating breathing techniques, stretchchord and resistance exercise, cold water therapy and more great strength coaches such as Keenan Robinson (Michael Phelps), Brian McKenzie (Laird Hamilton) and others have developed these training techniques that Coley Stickels and his Athletes demonstrate here. Get a sneak peak into some of the 30 exercises that we will explore in greater detail only in Lane 3 on our subscription service. Sign up for a lot more!

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