What Kind of Swim Goggles Should I Buy??


No, this isn’t Jeopardy. This is for real.

Do you know the shape of your face? Is it a small face, is it medium or would you say you have a large face? Do you have long eyelashes? Long eyelashes can hit the lenses of your goggles. This can be very annoying when you are swimming. If you have small or recessed eyes, you may need to wear small lensed goggles, even though they have a smaller field of vision. If you want a wider field of vision, check out the Aqua Sphere Company. These are all things you need to consider when you are paying good money for swim goggles. (FYI: Even though I am an adult woman, I wear “youth” goggles.) The googles need to fit the face. Just sayin!

Swim goggles are not created equal…one size does not fit all. You may have figured this out the hard way. Goggles are expensive and often times they come ‘nuclear wrapped’. Meaning, you cannot open them, or try them on before you leave the store. Purchasing goggles on the internet is even more difficult since you are just looking at a picture of googles on the screen. Here are some suggestions: Ask your fellow swimmers if you can try on their goggles. “Try before you buy.” Or maybe take a survey in the locker room… “Hey George, how do you like your Aqua Sphere goggles?” Be prepared, because you may get an earful. However, it’s all good – and can save you a lot of money. Also, read the online reviews about the goggles you are interested in. People love to ‘give their opinion.’ Some do not hold back. (Snort and giggle).

Let’s talk about the ‘seal’ on your goggles. The seal on your goggles should sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and around your eyes. There can be no kinks in the seal. How will you know if there is a kink? The rubber (gasket) on your goggles will have a little wave in it. This is a kink. Keep the goggles firmly pressed to your face to prevent gaps. The strap around your head must be secure and stay in place. If the seal is broken and you have gaps this is a little clue that you should invest in a new pair of goggles. Your current goggles are kaput! Your swim experience will be miserable if you wear goggles that leak.

When you find your favorite brand, and you have tried them out, buy several pairs, including clear lenses for indoor swimming and dark lenses for outdoor swimming.

Guest post by Barbie Nelis

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Production engineer and certified swim coach. Full-time IT consultant, spare-time swimming aficionado. 2 sons, 2 daughters and a wife. President of the Faroe Islands Swimming Association. Likes to run :-)

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