Ingvild Snildal retires


See, there is a nice video interview with her also, in Norwegian.

Ingvild Snildal can’t find the motivation again. Therefore, one of Norway’s best swimmers ever retires at the age of 25.

‘The last half year I have felt that I am comfortable as a normal person who isn’t an elite athlete, Ingvild Snildal says to NRK.

The swimmer has thought about it since last season, and has now decided that the career is over.

‘I actually realised it already in autumn. I felt it was nice to be able to sleep in, to not have to go up at five for practice, and to not be dead tired all the time,’ she explains.

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  1. Take a break? Can’t find the motivation? Always tired and TIRED of getting up @ 5 ayem?

    Mr. Chairman!

    You VILL svim!

    You vill VIN ZEE gold!

    You VILL set zee vorld-rekord!

    You VILL like it, you VILL smile und ZAT’S UND ORDERN!!!

    Kapichen, Mein Lil Ingvild?

  2. Bill Bell:

    You are not funny at all. In fact you don’t add anything to any message board. Add something of substance someday or just keep the inane comments to yourself.

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