Pellegrini disappointed of her Szczecin form, blames coach Bonifacenti


Wow, Italy’s star swimmer Federica Pellegrini has certainly taken off her gloves here on her blog, blaming now former coach Federico Bonifacenti (who according to other news dumped her) for her poor form at the Szczecin 2011 Europan Short Course Championships. And boyfriend Magnini agrees, that “I think it’s offensive both for me and for her that all a coach can think is that an athlete like Federica, in an Olympic year, just wants to train with her boyfriend and not even in the best circumstances – it’s absurd.”

Read (in English) La Gazzetta dello Sport:

“The reason that I am a bit, forgive the term, “pissed off” is that I asked my coach for three things in September, just three things – explained the swimmer from Veneto – I can’t stand it when people try to take advantage of me as I am always very upfront even if it means having a bit of a row”. Pellegrini told how, in the presence of her mother and Emiliano Brembilla, she had asked Bonifacenti for three things: “Not to swim alone again. I needed to have some company at least in the more difficult training sessions, but there were always just a handful of us and I can assure you that Federico was fully aware just how angry I was because I couldn’t stand swimming on my own any more. To work well on the butterfly stroke in training as Philippe made me work hard on that and I saw that it gave me a lot more strength in my strokes and also made me more aware of how I was swimming. But from September onwards I never did any training with the butterfly stroke. Moreover, I had asked him to work on my speed, meaning to increase my speed and also to enable me to maintain my speed. These were very simple requests and Federico agreed to them straight away. And they were requests made by somebody who has already achieved something in swimming and wants to continue doing so. Like all professionals I identified a series of reference points for my new coach which could help both him and me to be successful in terms of results and our relationship. Obviously he did not do any of these three things and so for the first time in my life I do not believe that I am responsible for these four minutes at the European Championships. I’m sorry, but for once I’ve got to say no way!!! And enough of the bullshit! Especially from someone who thinks he’s so much mature…”.

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