Did a seal save Cohen from being killed by the great white ?


British resident Michael Cohen was attacked within seconds of plunging into the water at Fish Hoek near Cape Town last Thursday, by a great white that ripped a good part of his right leg off and badly mauled this left foot. Two quick-thinking pensioners saved him by tying a makeshift tourniquet made of the leg of a wetsuit and two belts around his severed leg and dragging him ashore, while horrified witnesses saw the nine-foot great white only 10 yards from them, poised to strike again. But then suddenly a seal appeared and started circling around the three men, as if prepared to act as a diversion if the shark attacked, enabling them to get to the beach. On a more somber note, Cohen had a history of acting irresponsibly, repeatedly being warned by the shark-spotters who guard the bay, but always saying “If a shark takes me then blame me, not the shark.” So that we’ll do.

Read for instance The Mirror, 9News, The London Evening Standard, Channel 4 and Sky News HD (last link has a video with photos from the rescue and some interview)


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