Month: October 2010

  • US Swimmer Fran Crippen dies during race

    26-year-old American open water swimmer Fran Crippen lost his life today during the FINA Open Water 10K World Cup event in Dubai. He had been showing signs of slowing down during the third lap of five, possibly because the water was too hot, but it was only after all the other competitors had finished, that…

  • Pereira and Alshammar lead the World Cup

    Brazil’s Thiago Pereira and Sweden’s Therese Alshammar lead the World Cup competition by a mile, now after the first 4 of 7 meets, with 88 and 88 point ahead of runners-up 43 and 50 respectively, and $20.000 and $16.500 in earned prize money. See score and prize money tally here on

  • Marshall videotapes his races

    American backstroker Peter Marshall videotaped his 50 and 100 meter races at the World Cup 2010 event in Beijing, using a GoPro videocamera. Here’s the 100 backstroke … Beijing Race from Peter Marshall on Vimeo.

  • Site reactivated

    Sorry, been busy with other projects, and therefore fell behind with this one. Will have to do better ! :-)