Folsom swim coach arrested on child pornography charges


Because it has been almost a week since the last swim coach sex scandal :-/

Eric Johnston was an assistant coach with the Folsom Sea Otters, a swim program for children in Folsom. The FBI arrested Johnson earlier this week. Johnson was in possession of child pornography and had sent pictures of child porn, according to officials.

Via CBS Sacramento


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  1. As a parent of a child on this team I would like to say thank you to the FBI for the EXTENDED LENGTH of this investigation.  While they were building an online “relationship of trust” with this pervert they knowingly allowed him to sign on as a coach for this team!  We are TWO MONTHS into this year’s swim season and the FBI already knew he was a predator, that he claimed to be in a sexual relationship with a 13 year old boy and about his access to OUR CHILDREN!!!  But since a bigger charge, with a longer conviction was what truly mattered I guess it’s OK that the safety of our children was sacrificed for the “greater good”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That last sentence was dripping with sarcasm just to clarify for anyone who might be as stupid as the Feds on this case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Law enforcement did NOT know about Eric Johnston until this past week, and they did not know he was a s. Law enforcement did NOT put our children in jeopardy. The sting was set up for the other man who was arrested with him. The complaint is public and it’s all there. 

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