Lotte Friis sprained her wrist and some fingers yesterday


Breaking news on Ekstra Bladet: Danish world champion Lotte Friis got her foot stuck during a jump over some booms yesterday, and fell so badly that she afterwards couldn’t move her hand and fingers. It took 4-5 hours to get a diagnosis, while she feared to be out for 2 months because of something broken, but luckily she had only sprained her wrist and some fingers.

Lotte Friis World Champion - Arena Swimwear

This is not the first time that she hurts herself during dryland training, as last year she first sprained both her feet during a football (soccer) match in September, and then in November got a concussion from throwing a medicine ball into a wall and then looking away when it bounced back. So no worries, she is used to it, and expects to be back in full training in a few days.


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