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Kicking breaststroke fast requires a different set of anatomical tools than freestyle or dolphin kick. In this video, you will learn the correct way of kicking breaststroke from Olympian Mike Alexandrov, which requires hip flexibility, ankle pronation and lower back flexibility. We also test a Race Club camper, Owen Matteson, using our velocity Meter technology to compare the wide knee kick with a narrower knee kick, showing how the narrower knee kick results in less deceleration.

Race Club Head Coach Devin Murphy then takes a larger group of campers through one of our favorite drills to teach a narrow and fast kick: two kicks with one pull while using a Finis Ankle strap over the knees. Though the Finis Ankle Strap was originally designed to go around the ankles during pulling sets, we have found that when placed over the knees, they are an excellent training aid in keeping the width of the kick just outside the frame of the shoulders!

Finally, Race Club Technical Director Gary Hall Sr will point out common mistakes that we see while working on breaststroke kick. If you want to swim the up-tempo breaststroke that is utilized by the world’s best breaststrokers like Adam Peaty and Lily King, you need to watch this video to learn what it takes to have a lightning fast kick!

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