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The purpose of Torpedo Push-Offs is to help develop kick technique by developing a balance between propulsion and drag reduction. With one hand on top of the other and both arms extended above the head, push off wall about 2 feet under the surface of the water. Kick hard and intentionally with long straight legs until you are out of breath then stop (big toes may even rub or tap each other). The goal is to travel at least 10-25 yards. This type of kicking is very taxing and only recommended for sprint swim events. Swim back to the wall with a normal freestyle stroke and focus on minimal effort with the kick and legs.

Helpful Tidbits:

– Keep your body stretched long and taut from fingertips to toes.
– Keep the core and lower back tight.
– Maintain a hard and fast kick as long as possible with pointed toes.
– Maintain long straighter legs and smaller yet quicker kicking.
– Toes can even be pointed slightly inwards (pigeon-toed).

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