The Dangerous Truth Of Jacob’s Well


Located in Hays County, Texas, about an hour outside of Austin, is a submerged sinkhole fed by a natural spring known as Jacob’s Well. The well draws both those looking for some cool water to splash around in, and adrenaline junkies willing to risk it all for the thrill of exploration. If you dive deep into the sinkhole, you’ll find an underwater cave system whose siren song has led multiple divers to their deaths.

According to Heather Alexander of the Houston Chronicle, at least a dozen divers have died attempting to explore the cave system, which can be accessed about 100 feet down the sink hole. Alexander spoke to Don Dibble, a diver local to Hays County, who has assisted in searches for missing explorers in the cave system. Explaining why so many people have risked their lives at Jacob’s Well, Dibble said,

“It was the forbidden fruit, the allure of doing something dangerous.”

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